Analysts in the delivery stream are responsible for problem solving related to a prescribed people processes as part of the client engagement. The primary activities include data gathering, data analysis and contributing to final recommendations to the client. Analysts play a support role in managing of the project and work under the direct guidance of Associates or Consultants. An Analyst in the Research & Offering development team is responsible for supporting the Research Associate in the study of management trends and development of offerings focused on organizational improvement. An MBA degree with up to 2 years of industry experience is a prerequisite for this position.


Associates are responsible for developing the solution to align with the requirements of various units and functions within the client organization. They form a part of the delivery team and are responsible for key portions of the engagement. Depending on the nature of the engagement, Associates either support Consultants to diagnose and design a solution or HR Business Partners in driving the organizational change. 2-5 years of experience in a specialist organization development field or HR is a prerequisite for this position.


Consultant is directly responsible for understanding customer needs and creating solutions based on best practices in people management. They create the project plan and remain accountable for end to end project delivery. By adopting a formal approach to change management, the Consultant ensures a successful execution of the solution and sustained business change. 5 to 8 years of industry experience in managing projects related to organizational improvement is a prerequisite for this position.

HR Business Partner

HR Business Partner manages the outsourced HR for the client. He/She is responsible for the entire employee lifecycle at the clientç—´ end. PeopleWiz adopts Build- Own-Operate-Transfer model for managing the clientç—´ HR function. HRBP is directly responsible for driving the BOOT model and ensuring that HR becomes a true partner to the business. 5 to 8 years of experience in HR generalist role is a prerequisite for this position.

Principal Consultant

Principal consultant owns the business transformation for the client. They are the key author of the client solution and responsible for overall commitment to the client. Prior to any engagement, Principal consultant spends time with the Project Sponsor in understanding the key management issues and concerns and formulates the approach PeopleWiz will adopt for the engagement. 8 to 10 years experience is leading client engagement is a prerequisite for this position.


Partner is directly responsible for revenue generation, profitability and overall direction of the company. His/her responsibilities include expanding the product basket to suit client needs and inculcating leading trends in services offered by PeopleWiz. To become a Partner, one needs to have experience in a specialized field of organization development that can be offered independently as a service offering to generate revenue for the company.