Change Management Consulting

Change ManagementHaving a well defined strategy for growth and a blueprint for the future is a good start, but this is not enough to transform the organization. To borrow from Chip & Dan Heath, it is not enough for the rider of an elephant to know where to go; no amount of muscle power will move the elephant.

Change management consultant is necessary to manage business risks during change, including avoiding the loss of valued employees, minimizing productivity drops, avoiding negative impacts on customers and enabling the change to be implemented on schedule and within budget.

As a change management company, we believe that employees do not resist change per se; rather they resist the uncertainties and the potential outcomes that change can cause. PeopleWiz provides the tools to proactively manage resistance to change, address key stakeholders needs & concerns, and ensure that the organization is ready to accept & sustain the change. We combine practical change management theory with a wide selection of proven tools and accelerators that can be adapted to the needs of a Change Programme. Whether you are implementing ERP or acquiring another company, we are confident that we are able to help you.

PeopleWiz’s change management approach focuses on effective management of 10 Critical Success Factors for change through 5 key Change levers.


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