To equip employees with necessary skills for their transformed roles under the new Business initiative, PeopleWiz Consulting recommended a new Sales & Marketing Competency Framework for South Asian territory.


The cleint is a world-leading agri-business company ,which is committed to sustainable agriculture through innovative research and technology. The South Asia territory is headquartered in Pune.

Business Situation

In 2011, the company introduced a new business strategy, in which it began combining their to different businesses to focus more comprehensively on the challenges growers face. This paradigm shifting change triggered a transformation in the way the company does business.
The Sales and Marketing team, were in the forefront of this change as they were directly in contact with the growers as well as distributors. With a workforce of around 500 in the South Asian territory, the function managed about 5000 distributors and retailers.

The Challenge

In line with new business strategy, the management had the task of transforming product-selling sales workforce into grower centric trusted advisors who are able to provide complete crop solution.

Around 18 roles were identified that were majorly impacted by the change and a Competency Framework was required that would build the foundation of all training, development and career modeling efforts. PeopleWiz was tasked with developing the reference framework and competency maps for these roles.

The Solution

  • Competency Identification: To identify new business strategy aligned Sales & Marketing competencies, PeopleWiz consultants conducted an extensive data gathering exercise. Role holders and their managers were interviewed to gain understanding of the changes, internal company documents were studied and external literature was referenced. Insights were gained by interacting directly with the growers and distributors during field visits and participation in farmer meetings.

    By analyzing the content of the interview transcripts, competency themes were culled out and behavioral descriptions were identified. A reference competency framework with Competency clusters and component definitions with 5 levels of proficiency levels each was developed. Behavioral descriptions of each proficiency level were created.

  • Role based competency maps and career paths:Individual competency maps were developed for every role by carrying out Task Analysis. Multiple workshops were conducted for validating the competency maps. Recommended career paths were developed for each role depending on competency levels.


With detailed descriptions of the competencies along with behavioral descriptions at every proficiency level, the framework has been created to aid informative discussions on employee development, career progression and effective training. Management now has an effective tool to get the employees prepared to support the successful execution of new business strategy. Due to the participative approach adopted by PeopleWiz consultants in developing the framework, overall acceptance of the initiative has been high.