PeopleWiz Consulting facilitated the creation & deployment of a progressive organization design. In order to build a robust foundation of a growing company, PeopleWiz tailor-made the organization structure, aligned company and individual goals and streamlined performance management and rewards mechanism.

ClientFounded by two brilliant engineers, Neologic Engineers is a five-year-old company providing engineering solutions to the dairy and food & beverage industry. Within a short period the company has associated with multiple clients across Asia and Africa owing to expertise in process automation for aseptic processes and chilled products.

Business Situation

Although at a nascent stage in terms of its business operations, Neologic Engineers Pvt Ltd grew at a rapid pace in terms of its revenue. The client’s demand for Neologic’s products and services has grown due to the company’s fanatic concern for quality and economically attractive solution based offerings. The company has added some of the leading names in dairy industry to its clientele. Being a start up, which had proven its business model and entered the growth phase, Neologic’s biggest challenge was to scale up its operations without diluting its delivery quality. A competent middle management layer was needed to manage operations while the Directors continued to focus on future strategy.

The Challenge

During the diagnosis phase, PeopleWiz consultants realized that the lack of processes and controls to manage the employee lifecycle could prove to be detrimental to the company in the long term. Clarity of roles, responsibilities, reporting relationships and individual goals were needed to attract and retain talent. The challenge was to maintain an open and collaborative culture and yet introduce controls that would enable the organization’s managed growth. The management was keen on to building a process driven organization.

The Solution

  • Organization Design: In order to support Neologic’s growth strategy PeopleWiz facilitated the creation of a formal organization structure that clearly identified existing roles, futuristic roles and immediate vacancies. Reporting relationships were defined and Role definitions were created .In order to evaluate the impact of each role to the overall business, tangible measures of performance were identified to each role. People Management processes like selection and probation were designed to suit the strategy and retain an open culture.
  • Performance Management::In order to create a professionally managed organization wherein performance of employees could be reviewed and rewarded accurately, PeopleWiz designed PACE (Performance Alignment & Coaching for Excellence) Scheme. PACE established every individual’s expected contribution in view of the overall organizational role and built a clear linkage to compensation.
  • HR Business Partnering:To ensure that the new organization design is smoothly deployed and the change in working style, processes, and polices is driven across the organization, PeopleWiz HR Business Partners have been supporting the management to address people related challenges and facilitating employee communication. PeopleWiz continues to be Neologic’s HR partner.
  • Benefits


    • • Neologic now has a formal organization structure in place with no over-lapping roles since all roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and each employee has a clear career growth path.


    • A grade structure that is easy to comprehend and roles and responsibilities that are clearly defined have made recruitment of new employees simple and transparent.
    • People management policies across the employee lifecycle have been formalized thus ensuring a standard, dependable and unbiased way of managing workforce.


    • With an engaged workforce and focus on the future, the management is confident of surpassing its financial targets.
    • Various controls that have been instituted to manage employee expenses have resulted in savings for the organization.

    Client Speak

    “PeopleWiz team has displayed high level ownership and concern for Neologic’s benefit throughout the design and deployment of the new structure. Our continued engagement with them is a testament to the confidence and trust that they have rightfully earned.” Ravindra Mahajan, Co- Founder & Director, Neologic Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

    “A great team to work with, PeopleWiz consultants show consistently high level of energy, inspiring and motivating the management and employees alike. It has been a pleasure to associate with them.” Rajendra Gore, Co- Founder & Director, Neologic Engineers Pvt Ltd