Engagement Partner

An Engagement Partner is responsible for the firm’s growth through new Client Acquisitions, Leading Client Engagements, Ensure high quality of deliverables, Client Satisfaction, Revenue & Profit generation.

As an Engagement Partner you will receive a percentage of the contract value (one time) awarded by a Client acquired by you. You will also be remunerated a mutually agreed day rate for all the consulting engagements that you are a part of.

In addition to this you will be given an office space at PeopleWiz, have access to our knowledge repository, team members and eco system partners.

This is an excellent platform for an experienced & seasoned People Management Consulting professional who aspire to be an Entrepreneur him/herself over a period of 3-5 years. If you share our value, then we will also give you a platform to launch your HR / Technology product with our existing Clients.

In this arrangement, you are open to taking up similar assignments independently or with other Consulting firms as long as there is no conflict of interest.