HR Business Hours For Startups

Peoplewiz Consulting offers few hours of free HR consulting every month for Start-ups in Pune for two Fridays in a month.

How this works is, we send you a basic questionnaire to understand your company and set up a meeting slot in our Bund Garden office to address your HR needs.

This will work well for you if

  • You are a growing start up and would like to create a professional organization with a structure that brings clarity.
  • You are building your team and would like to know how many kinds of employment can be offered and their legal implications.
  • You are hiring staff and would like to know which are the most effective channels that keep the cost under control.
  • You would like to determine pay levels that are commensurate with the skills needed by you.
  • You would like to deploy policies around probation, confirmation, leave, business travel and employee separation.
  • You would like to know how to maintain good employee relations.
  • You are keen on complying with local labor laws.
  • You want to hire HR Executive/Manager but not sure if that would be cost effective.

Most Start-ups believe that HR can be addressed once we are doing well. HR matters enormously in good times, but it also defines you in bad times.

What we get out of this exercise is an understanding of what ails start-ups when it comes to managing people. This helps our management research efforts for our online journal Wizdom

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