Avoid the fixed costs of a permanent HR department with an experienced PeopleWiz HR Manager to help your HR function better. Having a full or even part-time HR department within your organization can prove expensive, and sometimes unnecessary for an emerging business. However, the skills and knowledge that an HR Manager brings can be invaluable. As an expert on people management processes, he can provide you with much needed insight on creating an effective organization structure, motivating employees and keeping your employee cost under check.

How do you get best practice, expertise and support for your HR at a fraction of the cost?

A competent HR department requires process design and implementation expertise in the area of recruitment, employee performance management, employee communication, organization structuring, compensation management and employee cost management. At PeopleWiz, with the combined capability of our experts, we have created such an “HR department”.

Outsource HR Department with PeopleWIz HR on Wheels solutions. We would provide you with a PeopleWIz Manager on the basis of their individual skills, experience, sector knowledge and overall ‘fit’ with your organization. Your very own PeopleWiz HR Manager will be available on demand and can access the HR department hosted by us for any of your people management needs. This ensures that you get end to end HR services without impacting your headcount and at a fraction of a cost.

Supported by other HR domain experts within PeopleWiz, your HR Manager would address your needs giving you true HR-on-Wheels.

One stop shop for all HR needs

Simply put, an employee lifecycle in an organization can be split into four stages:

    • Hire

One of the biggest challenges in the SME sector is the non-availability of highly skilled resources at affordable cost. PeopleWiz is well equipped to partner you in acquiring talent for your company. Unlike a run of the mill human resource outsourcing company, we work as your HR Business Partners. We will develop cost effective hiring strategy, explore suitable channels for attracting talents, participate in selection panel, enable selection decision and on-boarding of new recruits.

    • Inspire

We device and implement a performance management including setting of goals, appraisal, employee development and training management aligned to the Company’s culture.

    • Admire

Compensation and Benefits scheme aligned to the Company’s overall performance and growth enhances the right behaviours in employees & plays a significant role in the retention of the right talent. We bring to you the best practices in compensation & benefits, rewards & recognition, customised to suit the organizational reality.

    • Retire

Managing separation is the moment of truth for any employer of choice. A smooth and legally compliant exit of an employee, be it due to resignation or retirement, sustains a positive image of the employer. PeopleWiz will ensure that all type of separations are handled professionally and attritions are analyzed to get inputs to improve people management processes.


  • Reduce costs – remove the need to have an in-house HR function
  • Access to expert advice and guidance specifically matched to your business covering the entire gamut of HR processes
  • Reduces your exposure to risks such as non compliance with labor law and employee tribunals
  • Frees up time spent resolving HR issues, allowing you to concentrate on other areas of your business

Pay as You Grow

A flexible pricing model combined with our competitive rates ensure that you are always in control on how much or little you spend. Depending on your organizational need, we help you choose most beneficial pricing plan out of these

  • Fee Per employee per month.
  • Day rate for the availability of HR Manager.
  • One time fee of delivering HR consultancy work.


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