Human Resource Process Engineering

PeopleWiz provides HR process consulting covering all functional areas within HR, which forms a part of employee life cycle in an organisation. We can create HR policies, processes, deploy them and drive implementation. The right blend of planning and execution skills with a formal approach to change management is used during the deployment of HR processes. Key stakeholders are engaged; ample internal communication is carried out, workshops conducted and other change management techniques utilised during the implementation to ensure that any new or changed people management process is well accepted by the employees.

Some of the projects that we have successfully executed in the past are:

Design and implementation of Performance Management Scheme:

PeopleWiz can devise & implement a performance management system aligned to the company’s culture. We guide companies through setting individual SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Timebound) goals, which are aligned to the organisational goals. We coach managers on how to carry out appraisal, give feedback and maintain a regular performance dialogue with employees.

Compensation and Benefits Scheme design:

We ensure that your compensation structure and levels are legally compliant and parity is maintained across the organisation. To provide maximum tax benefits to employees, PeopleWiz consultants can evaluate your existing structure and introduce tax friendly components. Drawing upon the best practices in compensation, PeopleWiz can introduce concepts like “Pay for Performance”, profit sharing incentive scheme or team incentive schemes. Welfare schemes like employee insurance, hospitalisation insurance, gratuity schemes, children’s education allowance, etc., can be introduced depending on the needs of the organisation.

Competency Framework Development:

To create readiness for any change in business strategy, people need to be equipped with the right set of skills. PeopleWiz consultants work with the business to identify the unique skills that are essential to build. Using internal fact finding and external sector specific perspective, we can identify competencies, their unique definitions for the company and expected behaviors at different level of expertise.

Employee Engagement Survey:

It is not enough to know whether your employee engaged, it’s more important to find out which factors affects their engagement levels. A well designed intervention of employee interviews and survey can provide data on which drivers are the most important, in building engagement for a given organisation. By identifying these drivers, PeopleWiz can help employers understand how to meet the needs of its employees and focus on the specific areas of improvement that have the largest impact on engagement and business results.

Vanilla Assessment Development Center:

PeopleWiz has the capability to carry out “Vanilla ADC”, which is essentially a light version of full-fledged ADC. This provides the management with individual assessment reports on their high potential employees and their development needs. This information can be used as input for job enhancement or succession planning.

Employee Development:

There are various means through which employees can be developed like training, job rotation, involvement in projects, higher education. As your HR Business Partner, we help create the most effective means of employee development for your organisation and drive it for you.

Career Progression:

Promoting employees who display potential for larger responsibilities builds a leadership pipeline for the organisation. PeopleWiz can create organisation’s policy and mechanism to show employees a fulfilling career path and management promotions.


Employee rewards are an effective tool for encouraging right behaviours in the company. We work with the managers to ensure that rewards are introduced in keeping with the organisational culture. Apart from management instituted rewards, peer rewards can also be introduced to maintain an environment of mutual appreciation and support.


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