Organization Design Consulting

Organization Design

Using your organization’s growth drivers our organization design consultant will work with you to create an optimal design of the organization. The design includes operating model, structure, governance mechanism and performance management system for the personnel. With our 5D engagement approach , PeopleWiz can help you unleash your organization’s potential which may be hindered by operational bottlenecks, low employee morale or lack of organizational clarity on roles and responsibilities. Our powerful design methodology can be applied to virtually any organization. Although adaptable to the needs of each organization, the design process consists of three cornerstones, briefly described below.


Creating a structure is not an exact science. During the diagnosis phase, we arrive at the evaluation criteria that any proposed structure should meet. An operating model is first agreed upon depending on the competitive advantage that the organization wants to maintain. The key roles and reporting mechanism are then identified and agreed upon.


The layers of governance and number of managers are determined depending upon the extent of centralization in decision making that suits the organization’s operating model and employee profile. Span of control for managers are determined based on the complexity of tasks being supervised and review processes and recommended to ensure proper management control.


Any organization design should be supported by sound processes which manage employee performance, ensure organizational capability is continuously enhanced and right behaviors are encouraged through suitable rewards. We design a suitable Performance Management System for organizations that is guides by the governance principles and sustains the structure.

This approach to redesign results in dramatic improvements in quality, customer service, decreased cycle times, lower turnover and absenteeism, productivity gains from 25 to at least 50%, etc. And the good news is that it can be used in most any type and size of business. The length of time required to complete a redesign varies depending on the nature, size and resources of the organization. Large and complex redesign projects can be completed within months. Smaller organizations require much less time and fewer resources.


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