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While there are many apps for people in other professions, the HR industry too has their fair share of savvy applications they can count on. Though the number of HR professionals who are using these apps is limited, it is slated to double in the coming year. Why, you ask? The HR industry has been affected tremendously because of a paradigm shift in technology. ‘Big Data’ is no more in files now. All of the analytics are done with the help of one or more applications. Recruiters have been adapting to technology at the fastest pace. There is a new evolution in the way your HR department is working. It’s no more files and folders now, its mobiles and tablets. Taking all of that into consideration, here are the top 5 apps that you can use to make your HR life a little easier to manage.

1. InSight Executive

InSight Executive

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A software-as-a-service based analytics tool, Aquire’s InSight Executive uses existing workforce data to analyze trends. The HR professionals can run such analysis to assess their progress against the stated goals using features like trend analysis, scorecard metrics and talent management measurements. The users can also use all of these metrics to make charts and diagrams which can then be linked with Microsoft Office easily and distributed amongst the concerned people.

2. Kronos Workforce Mobile


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An extension to their PC based talent management system, this application can be used for time-and-attendance management. The app can be used by both managers as well as the employees. Managers can use this application for various features like requests for time off, approving employee time cards and even reviewing labor costs when they’re not in the office. Whereas, the employees can use the app to view work schedules and even punch in their time cards.

3. Kenexa 2X Mobile


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Just like Kronos, Kenexa is another application which is primarily an extension of its cloud-based 2x Recruit applicant tracking solution. This SaaS can capture and update all the information in real time. The application helps performing the most basic, but key hiring tasks, that help in moving the hiring process along. The straight-forward design offers a spontaneous interface for managers who are always on the move.

4. BizX Mobile


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An extension of Success Factor’s BizX human capital management software suite, BizX Mobile lets recruiters track employee feedback and also approve offers and requisitions. The app also includes a mobile organizational chart that allows users to find and locate experts on the subject matter from the mobile device. Employees can also look up their personal information and collaborate on projects.

5. Run Mobile Payroll Solution-ADP

ADP Solutions

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An extension to the original software, ADP’s mobile feature comes very handy to keep a track of everything that is salary related. It lets you access the account from any mobile, allowing you to update salary records, keep track of sick-time and vacation time taken, edit pay periods and pay rates, while also keeping all the personal information secure.
There you have it, a list of apps to take your HR capabilities to the next level and all within the convenience of your mobile.