PeopleWiz partnered with vConstruct Pvt. Ltd. to build its People Management function and capability while also addressing vConstruct’s people process-related needs and designed the employee lifecycle processes.


vConstruct specializes in providing high quality Building Information Modeling and Construction Technology services geared towards construction projects. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of DPR Construction, which is located at California, USA. DPR Construction is a national commercial general contractor and construction manager specializing in technically challenging and sustainable projects for the advanced technology, biopharmaceutical, corporate office, and higher education and healthcare markets.

Business Situation

A team of DPR employees was handpicked and sent to India to establish vConstruct in mid 2013. The management was keen on creating an organization that has progressive HR practices, was fully compliant with local laws and a professional work environment for the employees. They were keen to ensure that the company gained the reputation of a fair and trustworthy employer that is able to provide opportunities for growth and learning to its team members.

The Challenge

PeopleWiz was tasked with designing processes and policies that were in line with the best practices of the industry, respected the local laws and work culture and suited a nascent organization on a growth path. The HR function had to be conceptualized, designed and implemented in complete alignment with the overall growth plans of the organizations.


PeopleWiz consultants analyzed the business plans and requisite skills for the organization and created an HR roadmap that supported the overall strategy. In keeping with business growth, HR function adopted a 3 phase plan that comprised of

  1. Essential HR process design and compliance
  2. Building a good employer image in the market to attract talent and build team
  3. Organizational development through performance management and competency mapping.

Policy Design and deployment: To create a professional and productive work environment, all policies affecting employee’s lifecycle were designed and deployed. Best practices from service industry related to compensation, benefits, and grade structure and performance management were studied and customized to suit the need of an emerging organization. An employee manual was created to ensure that all processes are clearly communicated and understood. PeopleWiz deployed its HR-on-Wheels framework to provide necessary HR support and guidance to the managing team. With this solution, PeopleWiz managed the entire employee life cycle at vConstruct.

Building the team: PeopleWiz analyzed the skills needed by vConstruct, studied the market availability of the skills, created a hiring approach and reached potential candidates through multiple channels. Generating interest in the company and showcasing the career growth path for joiners attracted right talent. The business was closely supported in managing the selection process and onboarding of selected candidates.

Performance Culture: With the company completing a successful year, the focus is now on creating a sound performance management scheme that supports achievement of goals as well as personal development of employees. A clear linkage to compensation also needs to be established. PeopleWiz is currently supporting the development of this scheme and roll out for all employees.


vConstruct started off as a team of two and has grown multifold in a short period of time. Every member comes from a strong technical background and possesses globally recognized skills. All the HR Processes are now well established, and the organization is all set for a great leap forward. A positive work environment has been created at vConstruct that all members cherish. PeopleWiz continues to manage the HR function.