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Business Transformation – The People Factor

There is resounding agreement on the necessity for change. W.E. Deming hit the nail on the head when he said ‘ It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory’.

But the larger question remains on how to transform the business to ensure that changes are smoothly and successfully implemented, and that the lasting benefits of change are achieved. Management literature is replete with frameworks, model and mechanism to manage change. And they all point to the People factor as the clincher.

In this winter issue of Wizdom, we discuss and debate the various methods and suggest some of our own tips to get you started on an often long yet rewarding journey of bringing change by managing the people part.

For the Expert Speak section in this issue, we were honored to speak to Dr Ronald Fry, a pioneer in the field of Appreciative Inquiry (AI). He shares his views on the strengths of AI to bring about a positive change.

The power of employee habits to transform business is explained in three simple steps in a well-researched article ‘3 steps to transformation’.

Find out more about how language and vocabulary used in the organization can institutionalize change in the ‘Next Practice’ section.

To get a ‘View from frontline’ PeopleWiz spoke to Girish Trivedi who, in his illustrious career, has been at the helm of business turnarounds and transformation. He provides insights through real life examples on motivating people to bring about much needed organizational changes.

Check out the comparison of the Five popular models of Managing Change based on their practicality and effectiveness. We also share a live case on how PeopleWiz helped one its clients in harnessing people and processes for transforming his business to increase the turnover multi-fold.

To balance the serious discussions about transforming business in this economically gloomy time, we have a special section ‘Comic Relief”. This brings you the lighter side of managing change.

I hope you enjoy this issue and, as always, look forward to hearing your comments and feedback.

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