Comic Relief- Lighter side of managing change

PeopleWiz presents the lighter side of managing change.

1. Although the popular belief has been that managing change has become relevant in modern times due to globalization and technological advancement , we present an alternate view. For evidence, watch the ‘Bronze Age Orientation’ video below.

2. The basic problem of managing change is that often the ‘Change’ is misunderstood and how. Click below to know more.

3. Can we really influence habits by making the alternate more fun? We believe so. The video below is bound to make you agree.

4. Adding a few more videos by popular demand. Tech Helpdesk from Medieval times.

5. Dancing Guy: Lessons in motivating for changed behavior.

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  1. Jan Nelson

    I appreciate the sharing as well. I teach a MBA class on Org theory and Change and I am always on the lookout for videos, stories etc.. to add some levity to the class.

  2. Great collection of change-oriented videos! Thank you SO much for putting these together in one place. I’ll be sharing these with my readers too!

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