Get best practices, expertise and guidance for your HR at a fraction of the cost.

PeopleWiz offers contactless, digitally enabled, subscription based, managed HR services. A fully functional HR Department when needed and within budget.

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Is HR needed & what value does it add to the business ?
It is the People philosophy of the company that determines the culture, values, and behavior of its employees. This philosophy has to be embedded into the business strategy on day zero. Whether you are a startup, micro, mini, small, medium or a large corporate, you need People Management expertise to survive as well as scale. Any organization that empowers people and treats them as a competitive advantage witnesses high customer engagement and business benefits.
As a leader, you have to get the best out of your people by creating a shared vision, professionally managing their performance and giving them a healthy work environment.
As a leader you will be able to justify your time appropriately only when you are able to free yourself from the day-to-day operations and have a very effective HR department that can align and drive your thoughts with your team. You need your own HR department available when needed & that fits your budget.
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What is HR-On-Wheels ?
PeopleWiz Consulting's unique offering 'HR-On-Wheels', a subscription based fully functional HR Department is equipped to meet all your HR needs.
Avoid the fixed costs of a permanent HR department with an experienced PeopleWiz HRBP (HR Business Partner) to help your HR function better. Use PeopleWiz Managed HR services to establish a progressive and professional culture.
A competent HRBP brings people insights based on data, can coach Entrepreneurs and SMB owners in People Management and can be a conduit for establishing a professional and progressive work culture.
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How does it work ? What is the operating model ?
A well-oiled HR department requires process design and implementation expertise in the area of recruitment, employee performance management, employee communication, organization structuring, compensation management, labor laws and employee cost management. At PeopleWiz, with the combined capability of our experts, we have created such an 'HR department', now available virtually as well.
We would dedicate a PeopleWiz HR Business Partner on the basis of their individual skills, experience, sector knowledge and overall 'fit' with your organization.
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Don't Outsource HR... Embed it
Every organization is unique in its business model, way of working and culture. We respect that.
With our HR ecosystem partners that can manage talent acquisition, provide SAAS based HRMS, manage payroll, training, labor law compliances as well as establish progressive HR processes, you need not look for HR outsourcing vendors that dish out standard solutions.
Embed HR in your company by using highly customizable PeopleWiz HR-on-Wheels service.
One stop shop for all HR needs
PeopleWiz capability across employee life cycle.
Policy design
Manpower Planning
Talent search
Recruitment & Selection
Employee induction
Employer branding
Probation & Confirmation
Organization Design
PMS, Goal Setting, Feedback, Appraisal
Employee Engagement
Training & Development
Employee grievance handling
Stay interviews
Compensation & Benefits
Knowledge sharing sessions
Career Progression
Rewards & Recognition
Salary benchmarking
Employee communication
Exit Interviews
Compliance & Audit
Labor Law Compliance
MIS & Employee data management
Employee surveys
HR effectiveness audit
With our own HR domain experts and a wide network of Associates we have the capability to address all your HR needs.
What is the benefit in subscribing to HR-On-Wheels Vs hiring an HR Manager?
In our decade long experience, the following entrepreneurs and enterprises have benefitted from a subscription based, fully functional HR service provided by PeopleWiz.
  • The existing HR function at the company had limited capability and no strategic perspective on people development. In depth HR expertise and people development tools were needed to inspire and motivate the team. Over the years in house HR function had become expensive due to salary costs and overheads. Despite the investment, the general view of HR remained as a policing function that was there to direct and not to engage with employees. Developmental initiatives were virtually nonexistent and most of HR's time was being spent on mundane transactions.
  • By HR-on-Wheels service, the company not only reduced the overall cost of HR but also brought in progressive and professional policies that created open and positive work culture. The employee retention was improved and there is renewed focus on goal achievement and performance.
  • Like the way he invested in the best of the VMC, HMC, CNC brands from across the world, it was equally important for him to engage with the best HR Consulting firm to develop future leaders for his Company. The MD was keen to cascade his vision of developing India as a global manufacturing hub into actionable behaviors among his employees and this was possible only through focused and aligned HR interventions. The company was a 100% subsidiary of a US conglomerate which meant that communication, discipline, team-work, commitment, and first time right were key success metrics. For this to be achieved, it was important to lay down guiding principle to create a professional working environment, review goals, and create a high performing organisation. As business grew, the MD's involvement in day-to-day operations including people management went up as every single member of the team was hired by him and he had a personal relationship with them. With growth there were higher demands from the Parent company and it was important for him to develop leaders who could take operational decision for him.
  • The HR team from PeopleWiz supported the key initiatives of identifying high potential employees and their overall leadership capability.
  • Had recently handed over the baton to his son who is professionally qualified, young, dynamic and a visionary with aggressive scale up plans. He realised that People Management philosophy of the Company was more personality driven rather than system driven. Salary increments were a mere ritual and lacked any business / performance linkage.
  • By using the HR-on-Wheels service, the company was able to take strategic HR decisions with the help of a Principal consultant as well as deploy professional HR policies with the help of the right HR Business Partner.
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How much does this cost ?
We operate on a pay as you grow model.
A flexible pricing model combined with our competitive rates ensures that you are always in control on how much or little you spend. Depending on your organizational need, we help you choose most beneficial plan from Managed HR services to HR advisory services.
- Virtual CHRO : Availability on Email/Phone/Zoom
- In this model we act as Advisors to CEO / MD / HR Head of Startup's & SMEs.
- Management of employee lifecycle through focused interventions by an assigned HRBP.
- Availability can vary depending on the type of HR need.
- Available both physically at Client premise or Virtually.
- HR-On-Wheels : Weekly visits or zoom availability of HRBP plus Quarterly availability of Principal Consultants.
- In this model we take full accountability of the HR Function. The HRBP will be supported by a competent shared services team, labour law consultants, recruitment consultants, subject matter experts and functional experts.
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Is HR-on-Wheels enabled for the new world post COVID-19 ?
We are Digitally Enabled
Social Distancing norms put a spoke in our wheels, so we decided to grow wings. Year 2020 promises to be a year of 'contactless' yet 'connected' HR. All the plans under HR-on-wheels have been digitally powered by
- HR Hotline, a tollfree number that connects you directly to the assigned HRBP for your account
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Which sectors have gained from HR-on-Wheels so far?